Comparison to other standards

If you compare TORX®ttap® with other recess in the market, you will easily understand and -
feel the difference - how TORX®ttap®makes screw driving more easy.

Below we have illustrated ttap® advantages compared with the other commonly used drive
systems in the market.

ttap® is TORX® compatible
• if you like TORX – you will love TORX®ttap®
ttap® eliminates wobbling:

1. The small angle between top one side and bottom opposite side makes bit wobble.
2. Increased angle between top one side and bottom opposite side make stability.
ttap® vs Phillips / Pozidriv®
  1. The Phillips recess was originally designed to create cam-out
  2. TORX®ttap® eliminates wobbling and cam-out, technically the drive angle
ttap® have stick-fit on the button (pilot)
– independent of the driving torque
1. Line Contact 
2. Broad engagement surfaces
TORX® align - other stick-fit alternatives
In order to have stick-fit and a more stable drive system some makes the drive bit conical.
That has many disadvantages and can create problems. Some issues are illustrated in the
video below – please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more.
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